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Technical Information

The venue is supplied by a 300 Kva three phase 415V transformer (replaced in 2023) onsite.

Internally stage power is supplied by Power Safe line source connectors (Power locks).  connectors. 

In addition the venue is equipped with 

  • 6 x 32A 3 Phase PDL throughout venue
  • 3x 63A Ceeform throughout venue
  • 100A (upstage left) Ceeform 

Eventfinda Stadium is equipped with comprehensive Wi-Fi in both WiFi 5 & 6+ format allowing comprehensive internet access.

Roadside connections are provided by

  • 1 x 1000/1000MB UFB Vodafone Fibre Connection
  • 1 x 200/200 MB Kordia Fibre Connection


  • Load balancing and connection management is hardware based. 
  • Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-PRO Dual-band AC1750 throughout the venue
  • Ubiquiti Unifi Cloud Controller and  Security Gateway
  • FIBA T1 Certified 2,400 sq/m Junckers Unobat 50 sprung floor systems
  • As a maximum, no overall load should exceed 1000kg on any m² of floor area
  • All vehicles must be approved by Operations Manager prior to floor access
  • Pneumatic tyres are best, no hard surfaced wheels should be rolled across the floor – clean & soft rubber or polyurethane outer surface
  • Any cars, vans or small trucks (up to 2,500kg) can drive slowly – 5km/hr over the floor as long as there is a minimum of four rubber tyres pneumatic wheels and carpet is laid on top of the floor for protection
  • Vehicles up to 4,000kg may be used on the floor, depending on the wheel configuration, with a minimum of 20mm plywood sheets on top of the floor.
  • The noise (rating) level from any activity (including sound checks), as measured at theboundary of any site in a residential zone, must not exceed the noise limits in the table below.
  • Noise limits must be measured in accordance with NZS 6801:2008 Acoustics –Measurement of Environmental Sound and assessed in accordance with NZS 6802:2008 Acoustics –Environmental Noise.
  • For special noise events an adjustment must not be applied to amplified music or amplifiedvoice sounds containing special audible characteristics (with respect to section 6.3 ofNZS6802:2008) but other sources of sound may have an adjustment applied if necessary in accordance with the same section.
  • The prescribed time frames for the purpose of assessment according to NZS6802:2008 mustbe the timeframe for which anyparticular noise limit applies.
  • Crowd noise is to be excluded from any assessment of compliance with these limits.
  • Aeq(5min), is specified, no 5-minute measurement sample can exceed the stated limit.
  • Maximum 1000kg safe working load limit
  • Catwalk access with safety lines in internal roof space to approved contractors. 
  • Rigging Plans must be signed off byEventfindaStadium engineer (any costs associated is client responsibility) 

*insert floor plan

  • Main Stadium (2 units) 3m x 4m LED (3.9mm SMD LED Screen @ 1920 x 1080 run frombothvideopro score system and a single HDMI or SDI input. 
    • All images are scaled to fit 16:10 ratio
    • Screens are to be apart of VHA. Screen operator not included
  • Foyer (1 unit) 3m x 4m (4mm SMD LED) Screen @ 1920 x 1080 resolution run from 
  • Vision Mixer available to hire
  • Data projector & speakers available to hire
  • PA System: Main Stadium PA system with 1 x Wireless Mic’s and central speaker clusterlocated above main stadium floor 

Access via Southwestern Carpark, directly into venue.

External door 2800W x 2900H. Concrete Pad out to edge of Court 4

Streaming facilities are provided by Kordia in the venue.  Eventfinda Stadium does not allow streaming over the in-venue Wi-Fi.  

Ask your event coordinator for more information.